Corn ranks as number one in terms of production of cereals worldwide and is in continuous growth. It is part of Limagrain’s DNA with more than 50 years of constant product and technological innovations.

It is an Identity crop within Limagrain with Breeding, Production and Sales operations in 5 continents : North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Limagrain Field Seeds breed varieties that cover all temperate and tropical critical environments, with yellow and white germplasm to satisfy a range of uses from grain, forage and bioethanol purposes.

Productivity increase and healthy-feed yield preservation under biotic and abiotic stresses are primary targets for Research teams, among others. Enhancing nutritional performance for forage Corn is an important axis of our breeding effort particularly. The use of innovative breeding tools, large experimentation networks and new phenotyping technologies are key to deliver high performing varieties adapted to this wide range of environments and uses.

Key Points

Global presence
Multiple Trait Platforms
Herbicide Tolerance
Insect Resistance
Above Ground : Below Ground
Drought Tolerance
Stable high yield

Limagrain Field Seeds Businesses selling Corn

Limagrain Europe; AgReliant; Canterra (Canada); Limagrain South America: Brazil; Argentina; Limagrain Asia-Pacific (AGT); Limagrain Africa: South Africa; West and Central Africa; Seed Co

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