Soybean is by far the largest source of vegetable protein globally, producing over 340M tonnes annually from around 120 Mha. 

There is an even split of the end use of grain between Food and Feed, with slightly more used for Feed – 56%.

Around 80% of world production comes from the Americas (Brazil, USA and Argentina), but there is important production in other regions such as Southern Africa. Just over half of the grain is consumed locally, but around 45% is exported, mainly to China and the EU.

Limagrain Field Seeds have breeding programs in South America and South Africa and are a key player supplying Soybean seeds in North and South America as well as South Africa.

Limagrain Field Seeds Businesses selling Soybean

AgReliant (USA & Canada); Limagrain South America (Brazil & Argentina); Seed Co, Limagrain Zaad South Africa

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