Maize varieties can have very different nutritional characteristics, leading to

significant differences in animal performance. 

Limagrain Field Seeds has developed a range of LG Animal Nutrition (LGAN) varieties in Europe, with the genetic potential to deliver superior nutritional value, whilst maintaining excellent agronomic qualities and yield, thereby improving ration performance, and reducing reliance on purchased in feeds.

LGAN maize varieties are evaluated across eight parameters using an extensive and robust data set that combines the official independent national data with five years of Limagrain data, incorporating information from multiple sites across each country.

In Europe the best varieties receive the LGAN accreditation and offer increased nutritional value, providing a simple and cost-effective way for growers to increase feed efficiency and help reduce purchased feed costs.

Key Points

LG Animal Nutrition 
Improved fibre digestibility = improved dry matter intakes
Increased energy content = improved feed efficiency
Agronomically strong for assured performance
LG Animal Nutrition = better farm profits
Technology Driven

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