Resources that meet the level of our ambitions

Limagrain Field Seeds is supported by a global community of researchers across 5 continents, continuously improving a broad pool of elite germplasm coming from its global network of breeding centers. Highly focused breeding technology platforms allow us to accelerate genetic progress in our major crops, and a strong Trait Research effort operating across crops and regions. All these enablers, position Limagrain Field Seeds as a key player in the International seeds industry with a broad multi crop high performing variety portfolio to meet farmers needs under different types of agriculture.

A High Performing Global Research Team

Progress is a core value for Limagrain. The roots of the Group were founded in solid scientific technology, which allowed us to innovate and grow our business. We are committed to investing in the best proven technologies for breeding, traits and digital solutions. This, coupled with a large team of research experts ensures we can deliver high performance seeds and services to all farmers.

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