Wheat covers more of the earth than any other crop, producing over 640 million tonnes annually. The United Nations estimates that 20 percent of all the calories consumed by humans come from Wheat, and it is also the leading source of vegetable protein for humans worldwide.

Wheat is an Identity Crop for Limagrain. Wheat was the first crop to be the focus of collaboration for the Farmers that created Limagrain. Limagrain Fields Seeds

Limagrain Field Seeds breeds wheat in 5 continents using the most advanced breeding technologies, including: Phenotyping, Genomic Selection, Rapid Cycling, Double Haploids, Gene Editing and Hybridisation.

The Wheat varieties of Limagrain Field Seeds are grown in 5 continents always striving to offer high yielding, locally adapted plants that help all farmers to be more profitable.

Key Points

Global presence on 5 continents
Varieties for all market classes
Herbicide Tolerance
Excellent diseas resistance
Higher Fibre Health
No1 in Australia

Limagrain Field Seeds Businesses selling Wheat

Limagrain Europe; Limagrain Cereal Seeds (USA); Canterra (Canada); Limagrain South America: Brazil; Argentina; Limagrain Asia-Pacific (AGT); Limagrain Africa: South Africa; West and Central Africa; Seed Co

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