agrility is a platform of digital tools that provide services to farmers, from sowing to harvest.

By collecting pedoclimatic data and historical observations related to the plot, the platform makes it possible to develop made-to-measure solutions for farmers. agrility also has an entire team of experts behind it with skills in big data, geostatistics, agronomics, modelling, and IT, all on behalf of precision farming. 

New services under development

Forecast the silage maize harvest date
Predict the grain maize yield

The right density at the right place

Each field is unique and has intra-plot heterogeneity tied to different soils, different topographies, etc. These heterogeneities create areas with greater or lesser potential within the field. Modulated sowing density takes these areas into account and adapts the sowing density at all points in the field. The right density at the right place to increase profitability!

  1. Determination of the intra-plot zoning using satellite imagery analysis 

  2. Analysis of the intra-field zones 

  3. Proposal for optimal density in each zone using a specific hybrid analysis

  4. Map exported to be uploaded into the equipment 

Vegetation monitoring tool throughout the season

Using satellite imagery analysis, each week agrility.VEGETATION monitors the development of all crops and detects areas under stress in the fields. The impact of diseases, pests, weeds, etc. can be quickly identified and actions can be taken to preserve the yield potential.

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