Peas are an important protein crop, either for food or feed, which are capable of fixing nitrogen and are therefore perfectly placed to respond to the consumer trends for sustainable vegetable protein as an alternative to meat.

Limagrain Field Seeds has been breeding Peas for decades and have an extensive range, including:

Yellow/White peas; Green; Blue peas; Marrowfat peas. 

We work hard to ensure top Yields for farmers, focusing on agronomic priorities such as, tolerance to Aphanomyces (Root Rot), powdery mildew and downy mildew.

We also have a big emphasis on end-user quality, in particular protein content, colour/size/shape, and of course taste, cooking and canning qualities.

Limagrain Field Seeds Businesses selling Peas

Limagrain Europe; Limagrain Cereal Seeds (USA); Canterra (Canada)

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