Limagrain Senior Researcher receives prestigious Scientific Laureate

Saint Beauzire, France.
Thursday 26th of November 2020

Pascual Perez, Co-Head of Traits and Technologies at Limagrain Field Seeds has been awarded a prestigious Laureate by the French Academy of Sciences.
He has been recognized for his contribution to the genetic improvement of plants by creating new genetic variability and for developing techniques leading to the characterization of major genes of agronomic interest.
His work combines genomics, genetic engineering, and molecular physiology to discover and use key genes to create varieties that are more resilient and use fewer inputs.

“Scientific research is about teamwork and this Laureate also recognizes the support and creativity of my teams during 35 years of service to Limagrain and the farming community” remarked Mr. Perez.

The Academy
The French Academy of Sciences is more than 350 years old and promotes the teaching of science, transmitting scientific knowledge and promoting international collaboration within science. Every year the Academy awards Laureates across several scientific disciplines and Mr. Perez was highlighted for his contribution to plant biology with the “Prix Dujarric de la Rivière”, which is only awarded every two years.

International Partner for Multiple Crops
Pascual Perez leads the global efforts for Traits and Technologies within Limagrain Field Seeds across multiple field crops including Corn, Cereals and Oilseeds.  “We are a company that is technology driven, with a strong commitment to international partnerships, so that we can develop the best genetics for farmers around the world delivered with our LG brand”, said Perez, who is also a board member of Genective, a company dedicated to the research and development  of transgenic traits, focusing on insect resistant Corn.

Régis Fournier, the CEO of Limagrain Field Seeds commented, “Pascual is the personification our 3 Limagrain values – Perseverance, Progress and Collaboration. I am delighted for him to receive this richly deserved award”.


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