Pest Resistance (Broom Rape)

Broom Rape is a parasitic plant that thrives at the expense of Sunflowers. With a harmful impact of 30 to 90% of the yield and a very strong capacity to spread, it is necessary to fight this enemy.

Broom Rape attaches itself to the roots of the Sunflower from which it takes the nutrients necessary for its growth. Contamination takes place in the soil from the seeds of Broom Rape stored over the winter.

The development of Broom Rape is favoured in a dry and hot climate, present in Spain and Turkey, and more recently in France.

Broom Rape has significant genetic variability with 7 races listed: from A to G and a strong evolutionary capacity of 3 new races in 10 years!

Most LG sunflower hybrids have resistance to the main Broom Rape races found in Europe. To do this, our research teams are working on the identification of new breeds and on the marking of resistance genes.

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