The decision-making process in Limagrain is shared by three bodies

The Board of Directors (comprises 16 Elected Farmers + Salaried CEO). The Board of Directors meets twice a month, once on local questions concerning the cooperative and one on questions concerning the group. It appoints the chairmen of the group’s activities; Field Seeds; Vegetable Seeds; Garden Products; Ingredients and Bakery Products.

The Bureau (comprises 7 Elected Farmers and 3 Salaried Executives) meets twice a month.

The Executive Committee (comprises 8 salaried Top Executives) meets twice a month.

It is an 8-stage process

  • The Bureau proposes strategy

  • The Board validates strategy

  • The Executive Committee proposes a road map to achieve the goals set out in the strategy

  • The Bureau analyses the roadmap & proposes strategic choices

  • The Board validates the strategic choices

  • The Executive Committee implements the strategy

  • The Board checks the implementation

  • The decision-making process is shared between elected farmers and salaries top executives, with mutually enriching comparative views.
  • An 8-Stage Process

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